About The Gateway

New Opportunities

At the intersection on Three Sisters Parkway and Three Sisters Boulevard in Three Sisters Mountain Village in Canmore, The Gateway is a new development that will support the needs of residents, visitors, workers and neighbouring communities.

Leasing opportunities include:

  • A new grocery store
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • A gas station
  • Drive-in or drive-through uses
  • Brewery/distillery opportunities

Made for People

The Gateway will incorporate infrastructure that supports biking, walking and transit with several public park spaces onsite. It will provide much needed services for existing and new residents, all within biking and walking distance from their homes.

Street oriented buildings along a primary commercial street will encourage pedestrian traffic and comfortable movement on foot and in vehicle.

Park spaces will offer opportunities for gathering, recreation and social activities and create a sense of place.

A Place to Call Home

With a mix of medium density on-site residential housing, The Gateway will add further customers to support its retail and commercial ventures, while also providing much needed accommodation options.

  • Townhomes
  • Rowhouses
  • Stacked apartments
  • Common amenity housing